Hi, my name is Marcin Chmielarz. I am a brewer, beer vlogger, and pub manager. Ever since I started discovering craft beer, I have been particularly interested in one beer style – Baltic Porter. In 2016 Baltic Porter Day was born, as a way to celebrate this style.

Often called the Polish Brewing Treasure (Piwowarski Skarb Polski), this dark, rich beer is especially popular in the Baltic Sea basin, as the name would suggest. Rightly so, as it was created here in the 19th century as a continental version of the famous British porters. Today Baltic Porter is known around the world, with fantastic examples of the style brewed in the USA. But still, it is most famous in the Baltic Sea basin, especially in Poland.

Every third Saturday of January is the time to celebrate Baltic Porters. Breweries release new Baltic Porters, special versions, barrel-aged versions, etc. You can try a variety of porters on tap in multiple pubs, buy a load of porters in craft beer shops. Check the map for the most current list of events and places.

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