The best beer to drink on Baltic Porter Day is of course a Baltic Porter.  You can find many new porters on this day, brewed specially for this occasion. There are new releases, barrel aged versions, etc. Here is the list of new Baltic Porters coming for Baltic Porter Day 2023:

Beerium Kraftölsbryggeri

Seeteufel 7,8 abv


Clony Baltic Porter with clone syrup and coffee. 24 Plato, 10,2 abv


Porter Śliwkowy 8,7 abv

Brokerage Brewing Company

Astraeus 9,1 abv

Downey Brewing Company

Eagle Baltic Porter 8,1 abv


Komes Wymrażany Porter Bałtycki Jack Daniel’s BA freeze-distilled Baltic Porter, Jack Daniel’s barrel aged. 36 Plato, 15 abv


HOD Jack Daniels BA Imperial Baltic Porter. 10 abv


Porter Bałtycki Baltic Porter. 22 Plato, 7,4 abv


Porter Bałtycki Woodford Reserve BA. 24 Plato


Kościelec 2155 Imperial Baltic Porter. 26 Plato, 10 abv

Kościelec 2155 Jamaican Rum & Jack Daniels BA Imperial Baltic Porter barrel aged. 26 Plato, 10 abv

Magic Road / ReCraft

National Black Treasure Imperial Baltic Porter with activated charcoal. 24 Plato, 9,5 abv

Baltic Rumour Imperial Baltic Porter with rum pralines. 24 Plato, 9,7 abv


Ice Imperial Brett Baltic Porter Double BA. 15 abv

Nitro Baltic Porter. 22 Plato, 9,5 abv

Northwoods Brewing Co

Jievaras Baltic Porter 9,95 abv

Odra Barrels

Imperial Baltic Porter 26 Plato, 10,5 abv

Imperial Baltic Porter Slivovitz BA 26 Plato, 10,5 abv

Imperial Baltic Porter Whisky BA 26 Plato, 10,5 abv

Imperial Baltic Porter Rum BA 26 Plato, 10,5 abv


Europa Smoked Imperial Baltic Porter with seaweed


Echo 2023 Imperial Baltic Porter. 24 Plato, 9,5 abv

Echo 2023 Iced freeze distilled Imperial Baltic Porter. 32 Plato, 13 abv

Nook / Viking Malt

Medo Imperial Smoked Baltic Porter

Cerizo Imperial Smoked Baltic Porter 

Nook / Kociokwik  / Baltic Porter Day

Negro Oro Imperial Baltic Porter. 24 Plato, 10 abv

Notch Brewing

Continental Blockade 6,3 abv

Otwarte Bramy

Porter Bałtycki #2 – Mieszadło Rye Baltic Porter. 20 Plato, 8,5 abv

Pinta / Deya Brewing

You’re A Long Way From Home Baltic Porter. 21,1 Plato, 8,4 abv

Pinta / Karol Okrasa

Porter Bałtycki Baltic Porter with plum, orange peel and cloves. 21 Plato, 9 abv

Piwne Podziemie

Kraken of Doom Imperial Baltic Porter. 27 Plato, 11,5 abv

Piwo Sowie / Piwne Podróże / Opiwatele / monko.Coffee

Porterra Nova Imperial Baltic Porter with coffee and salt. 24 Plato, 10,3 abv


Czaisz Bazę Baltic Porter with Earl Grey tea. 18 Plato, 7,6 abv

Czaisz Bazę Baltic Porter with Lapsang Suochong tea. 18 Plato, 7,6 abv

Baron Ostrężyński Imperial Baltic Porter with berries. 25 Plato, 10,5 abv


652 m n.p.m. Koniak BA Baltic Porter cognac barrel aged. 22 Plato, 8,5 abv

Põhjala Brewery

Baltic Porter Day 2022 Barrel Aged Imperial Baltic Porter aged on Palo Santo wood, aged in Marsala and Liqueur d’Expedition barrels. 10 abv

Baltic Porter Day 2023 Imperial Baltic Porter with chicory root coffee

Pühaste Brewery

Vari Baltic Porter brewed with Asian spices and toffee. 10,5 abv

Strata Porter chocolate and fruity Baltic porter brewed with Strata hops. 6,3 abv


Lighthouse Chocolate Baltic Porter. 24 Plato, 10 abv

Sakiškės Alus

Herbal Baltic Porter Baltic Porter with meadowsweet, sweetgale and bogbean. 7,9 abv

Stacja Filtracja

Pałucki Porter Baltic Porter. 18 Plato, 7 abv


Śliwkowy Porter Bałtycki Baltic Porter with plum. 20 Plato, 7,5 abv

Waniliowy Porter Bałtycki Baltic Porter with vanilla. 20 Plato, 8,8 abv


Warmia Porter Bałtycki Bourbon BA Baltic Porter bourbon barrel aged. 20 Plato, 8 abv